How to Become a Textile Designer?

A textile designer majorly focuses on knitting, weaving, printing, and working with industries like apparel and home furnishing. To be a good textile designer, it’s essential to keep up with all the latest trends and understand computer design software. You can also visit other places to meet new suppliers or manufacturers of materials.
Below are the steps on how to become a textile designer:

Get a degree in a textile-related field
To be a good textile designer, it’s essential to earn a degree in textile design or fashion related industry. You can choose to learn in a college or a vocational school. Some of the topics you’ll cover in this program include knitwear, design history, computer design software, and surface and woven design. You should also undertake an internship in textile design so that you can start gaining experience.

Learn the basics
If you want to succeed in the textile industry, you should learn the basics which include developing of textile designs, producing fabric designs for suitable apparel, accessories, and furnishing.
You should work closely with your design team as well as clients to come up with unique fabrics.
Also, you should have excellent communication skills to ensure you’re able to discuss and interpret issues as per the client’s requirements.

Understand the fundamentals of textile design
It’s essential to learn how to go about various textile properties, including material, durability, weight flammability, and specific use, among others. Apart from this, you should be able to utilize different patterns, colors, and textures through practical experiments with manipulation, dyeing, printing, and embellishment methods.

Build a portfolio
Having a strong portfolio is an essential step if you want to become a successful textile designer. A strong portfolio will help you huge win contracts. Therefore, it’s recommended that you should be well organized in terms of skills and capabilities – read article on who is a textile designer.

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